Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does H2O Auto water shut-off require any maintenance?

      In normal operation, no maintenance is required. We offer a maintenance service contract if required and can check the kit once a year on the anniversary of the fit. Along with the maintenance contract, we will also upgrade your unit to new versions as and when they are introduced on your scheduled service date.

  • Does H2O Auto water shut-off need to be fitted by a professional plumber or can I fit it myself?

      We would recommend that an experienced plumber fits the unit and tests it to ensure it is working to optimum condition. We can fit the system for you if required.

  • How much Water needs to leak before H2O Auto water shut-off turns off the water?

      As little as 10ml. Once the sensore sense water, the signal will be sent to the control panel instantly and the water will turn off within about 30 seconds.

  • Can I get an insurance discount for having H2O Auto water shut-off fitted?

     Some insurance companies will offer a discount - you will need to check with yours to confirm

  • What guaranees does H2O Auto water shut-off come with?

     We offer a 1 year guarantee on all parts of the system, which is extended by a further year if you take our maintenance plan. Upon servicing the system each year, we will the extend your guarantee period for a further year. The system can be guaranteed this way indefinately.