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Auto Water Shut Off

Mrs R - Edenbridge - "Works like a dream. We can turn our water off now at the flick of a switch and never worry about leaks" Mr and Mrs N - Oxted - The Auto Water stop was fitted last month. We were a bit worried as we are not technical at all, but it's so easy to use" Mr S - Sutton - I came home one day to find the water off - on inspection we found it was because a pipe had burst in the bathroom. This saved me ££Thousands!!"

Auto Water Stop

What to do in the event of a burst pipe (for non-users of H2O Auto Water shut-off)

If you’ve got a burst pipe, you need to act fast to minimise damage, so here’s what to do:

  • Collect water from the leak - if it's through the ceiling, collect it in a bucket. If the ceiling bulges, pierce the plaster with a broom handle to let water through (Don't stand underneath it for obvious reasons!!)
  • Switch off your central heating.
  • Turn off the stop tap and turn on the taps to drain your water system.
  • Don't touch any wiring or switches that you think may have been affected. If in doubt, turn off your electricity at the mains.
  • Call a plumber.
  • After the leak has been fixed, air the affected areas by keeping doors and windows open; do not overheat affected rooms as this could cause more damage.
  • Leave windows, doors and built-in cupboards open during the day, if possible.

  • Our H2O, Automatic shut off valve, will make sure that your home is flood protected from any sudden water escape due to pipe bursts or water leaks.

With homes and businesses installing more and more plumbing for central heating, air conditioning, appliances and ever more complicated bathroom systems, insurance companies have never paid out more than they do today on water related insurance claims.

The average burst pipe will produce up to 1000 litres an hour of mains pressure water flooding into a property - That's a tonne of water, every hour while your property is unattended or until you can find and turn off your stop tap.  Many people don't know where their stop tap is and of those that do, not many test them by opening and closing twice a year which they should do. What would you do in the event of a burst pipe? Would your stop tap work, if you could find it? If it took you just 5 minutes to turn off your water, that would still be around 80 litres of water!!

With wireless communication sensors you'll find that the Automatic shut off valve protection system will ensure that your water will be turned off, automatically, within 30 seconds, ensuring your property doesn't get damaged, giving you 24/7 protection.

Anyone who has had a water flood due to a burst water pipe, will tell you how distressing it can be - from dealing with your insurance company, to ensuring your possessions are recovered - from important family photos to laptops, computers, phones and tablets. Can you afford not to protect your most valuable possessions?

How does H2O - Automatic shut off valve work?


Auto Water Shut-Off


H2O - Automatic shut off valve - Frequently Asked Questions




H2O - Automatic shut off valve - Features

  • Call us to get a free quote on your system

  • We can supply and fit

  • One low price to have your flood protection system fitted

  • Choose the level of protection you need - from 1 to 100 sensor points

  • Potential insurance savings

  • Suitable for water protection for your home or business

  • Peace of mind while you're out or your property is unattended.

  • Instant water protection alarm, alerts you to any problems

  • Our Automatic shut off valve gives you Protection 24/7